The Story of Dr. Krobe

Part 1

“Dr. Krobe! Dr. Krobe! Wake up!” You hear a female voice through the fog in your head. “Dr. Krobe! Time to go, now!” And you hear something else. What is that? Some sort of siren? Klaxons. An alarm is going off. Damn, it’s been a while since you’ve resleeved. You forgot how difficult it can be getting used to a new morph. Your senses seem to be coming on-line one by one. Jolted into consciousness by the sound of that voice, you can know you can hear. That’s a start. You become vaguely aware of your stiff body lying on a cold, hard slab. Pressure, touch, temperature sensations. You feel an itch in your nose and throat. Your body is wracked by coughs. The muscles in your chest feel sore. Pain! You can feel pain! It dawns on you that your eyes are still closed. You force them open through sheer will, having not made a single voluntary action thus far.

Your vision is obscured by smoke, red warning lights are flashing, giving everything a surreal, otherwordly hue. A figure is bent over you, releasing the straps securing you to the table, presumably the source of the voice you heard. The last of the straps releases and you begin to float free from the table. Your stomach churns, but you’re not new to zero-g, you just weren’t expecting it at this moment.

The woman notices you noticing her. She catches your eye and smiles ever so briefly. “Dr. Krobe. There’s been a…. I don’t know exactly. I’ve got to get you out of here. Come with me.”

OOC: You’ve awoken to a scene of chaos after egocasting to Casa Arturo. You can barely control your new body. The air is clouded with smoke and dust, klaxons are sounding, and warning lights are flashing. This woman says she’s here to get you out of this mess. You’ve never seen her before. Do you trust her? Or do you try to get answers? Or maybe you simply try to get your bearings? Use the forum or email me directly to respond.

You get a SOMx3 +10 integration check to get used to your new body.
integration (1d100=54)
Failure. -10 modifier to all actions for three days.

The Story of Dr. Krobe

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