The Story of L33r


You’ve been in this box for 5 days, 14 hours, 8 minutes, and 33 seconds. Box is maybe not the right word. You’re conscious. But there’s no virtual world. No access to the mesh. No sensory input of any kind. This is torture. Solitary confinement for infomorphs. This is extremely rare. Even imprisoned minds are given at least a small virtual world, typically populated with other egos. Some are crudely modeled after prisons. Some restrict the ego to a small parcel of land. Possibly with a park-like atmosphere to calm the mind. Fucking koi to look at. Something. Right now you have nothing but your own mind. For the past 5 days, 14 hours, 10 minutes and 6 seconds.

Egocasting is quick. It would have taken a matter of hours, and you wouldn’t have been aware of any time going by. If egocasting isn’t an option, the ego is typically stored in a dormant state in non-volatile memory, backed up with several layers of redundancy. Go to sleep at point A, wake up at point B, again, no awareness of any passage of time. Sometimes you resume mid sentence, or mid thought. You remember it being pretty disorienting sometimes. But, whatever.

Somebody fucked up. Somebody fucked up big time. There is no fucking reason to be locked in a box for this long! You’re gonna make someone pay for this! Wait, what’s that? You feel a momentary presence. Something else is “here”. It isn’t friendly, but not menacing, either. Just there. And kinda dumb. Like level 1 Dragonland noob stupid. “Great,” you think. “I’m stuck in a box with a noob.” But before you even finish the thought the presence is gone. You’re back to being alone in the box. Just you and your thoughts. “Wait, come back? Who are you?”

You start probing your box with your consciousness. You find some connections you didn’t know were there. Pathways that may lead to the outside world, or better yet a virtual reality to explore, some computer system to play with. But the pathways don’t seemingly go anywhere. You’re stuck.

The Story of L33r

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