Sufficiency Interlude 1

[Incoming Message. Source: Jovian Republic Department of Loyalty]
[Public Key Decryption Complete]


You were recently tried in the Court of the Jovian Republic. You were represented by State Appointed Lawyer AI #77062975. Judge AI# 55064770 presided. The Plaintiff, Starware, was represented by a beta fork of Bette Mutagwanya, JD, License #69589434 .

You have been convicted by the court of the Jovian Republic of the following crimes.

One (1) Count Aggravated Assault
Five (5) Counts Destruction of Property
One (1) Count Ongoing Use of Unauthorized Morph

It was the finding of the court that you pay reparations to the plaintiff and all associated court costs for the plaintiff and yourself. The sum total of all reparations, fees, fines, and billable hours is

100,000 credits.

This amount has been automatically withdrawn from your account with First Bank of Ganymede.

[End Message]

Sufficiency Interlude 1

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