Let's see what manner of trouble we can get into, shall we?


The story of Sufficiency

background ISOLATE
faction BRINKER
morph FUTURA

COGnition 15
COOrdination 10
INTuition 20
REFlexes 20
SAVvy 25
SOMatics 20
WILlpower 20

Native tongue 90 – English
Moxie 2
Credit 5,000
Rep 40

Right at Home (10 cp) – octomoph
Rapid Healer (10 cp) – recovers from damage more quickly. biomorph only
Eidetic Memory (*free from Futura morph) – perfect recall
Hyper Linguist (10 cp) – (cunning, innit?)
Psi-Chameleon (10 cp) – naturally resistent to psi sensing

Skills, Active
Animal Handling – (SAV) 40 Active, Social
      train and control a wide variety of natural and transgenic animals, including partial uplifts.

Deception – (SAV) 30 Active, Social
      act, bluff, con, fast talk, lie, misrepresent, and pretend. Accomplished users of deception are able to convince anyone of nearly anything

Fray – (REF) 50 Active, Combat
      Fray is the ability to get out of the way of incoming attacks, debris, or inconvenient passers-byRefeRence

Freefall – (REF) 10 Active, Physical
      maneuver in a zero-g situation

Freerunning (SOM) 40 (30 + 10*), Active, Physical
      *points come from Brinker faction

Hardware : [field] – (COG) XX, Active, Technical
      build, repair, physically hack and upgrade.
   Aerospace – 30
   Groundcraft – 20
   Industrial – 20
   Robotics – 30
(10 + 20*)
      *points come from Isolate background

Impersonation – (SAV) 20 Active, Social
      pass yourself off as someone else in social situations, including virtual ones.

Infiltration – (COO) 20 Active, Physical
      hide or move with stealth

Interfacing – (COG) 10 Active, Technical
      using comptuerized electronic devices and software

Kinesics – (SAV) 10 Active, Social
      read body language, tells, social cues and subconscious indicators. emote more effectively.

Medicine : [field] (COG) XX, Active, Technical
   Paramedic – 30
   Trauma surgery – 30
   Veterinary – 40 (20 + 20*)
      *points come from Isolate background

Navigation : (INT) 20 Active, Mental
      finding your way using AR maps, compas, stars, etc

Networking : [field] (SAV) 20* Active, Social
      working contacts, trading favors
      *points come from Brinker faction

Perception : (INT) 10 Active, Mental
      use physical sense (inc. cyber) and awareness. Noticing things by chance rather than actively searching (which would be Investig)

Piloting : [field] (REF) XX, Active, Vehicle
   Anthroform – 10
   Groundcraft – 10
   Spacecraft – 10_*
   _Watercraft – 10

      *points come from Brinker faction

Programming : [field] (COG) XX, Active, Technical
   A.i. – 50

Scrounging : (INT) 30 Active, Mental
      find things, particularly things of use or value that are concealed, buried, or hard to find.

Spray Weapons (COO) 20 Active, Combat

Swimming (SOM) 30 Active, Physical

Unarmed Combat (SOM) 30 Active, Combat

Skills, Knowldge
Art (INT) 30
      autonomous robot guerilla performance art

Language (INT)
   Japanese – 50
   Portugues – 30
   Cantonese – 30
   Russian – 20
   Arabic – 20

Profession (COG)
   Asteroid Propsecting – 20
   PreFabHab site launch (rated for HazEnv (void, magma, proxZero)) – 80

*Reputation *
   CivicNet (c-Rep) Jovians 40
   Circle-A (@-Rep) scum 50

   + Artistic Expression
   + Radical Optimism
   + Socialism


Guerrilla artiste, militant samaritan and cephalo-phile, Sufficiency has, to the general relief of Jovians everywhere, been happily deployed to the hazardous ass-end of nowhere assembling pre-fab habitations until he has all but faded from the collective conscious.


Eclipse Phase: Flotilla Elijah